Rebekah Bryant

Let me solve your challenge

I’m a consultant having just finished eight years with Deakin University and Give Where You Live Foundation across two diversity projects engaging with business leaders from 20 industries in the Geelong G21 region.

My background includes 20 years’ experience in business consulting and contracting for staff and client engagement, project management, human resources and business development.

After years of project and program management across vocational education and training my areas of knowledge include recruitment from search to appointment, sales, marketing, fundraising and public relations, office management and copy writing.

With qualifications in general management, coaching and project management, I’ve been consulting across multiple industries for well over a decade. I understand the big picture and results required.

My Philosophy

With a passion for ideas and innovation together with an innate interest in what makes individuals tick, I’m fuelled by my passion to assist others to be the best that they can be. My resume work has been a constant side-line, underpinning my career from the very beginning.

My parents were innovative educators and my father instilled in me the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity – even those who are most disadvantaged. Working with 100 business leaders from 2020 – 2022; to change the way they do business as part of the GROW collective (and to be more inclusive) and in turn improve the outcomes for job seekers doing it tough, is one such project.

I’m a smart adaptable business generalist; I make things happen; be that organising, facilitating or holding a space for clarity to happen.

I’m now back to working as a freelance consultant and keen to assist you to move forward.

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