FACT – Decluttering your space de-clutters your mind

Clutter and inefficiencies slow down your productivity, give you cognitive overload and can stress you out

What is it about this stuff we hold onto? And if we dig below the stuff what’s the impression it creates of us? This stuff we own seems to exert some sort of power over us.

In Feb 2020 I interviewed 20 individuals about organisational pain points in their homes and 25% of these people initially viewed this issue as not important to fix, yet on deeper questioning acknowledged that solving this problem would significantly improve their psychological state.

I think this is fascinating!

We think we don’t have enough time and we think we don’t have enough space yet this is not the truth. Time is fixed and you have enough time for anything you deem important. Space is fixed; you only have so much of it! Your stuff is what is flexible. It is the only variable but requires some focus and energy.

Remember, clutter is just deferred decisions!

A fresh eye/perspective on a space can work wonders.

A self-confessed clean-freak, with a good eye for balance, form and colour – I love creating efficiency and flow. Whether it’s an office renovation, a business moving or a house sale, I’ll take care of the process for you.

Home & Indoor pot plants

Home Enhancement Service

Making your house work – inside and out

Want to add value to your home but need help deciding what to do?

From decluttering, tidying and organising to re-positioning furniture, art and accessories; to tending your front garden and entranceway, I will walk with you to help create the calm relaxing space you desire.

  • Organisation of home offices, kitchen pantries, laundries and garages
  • De-cluttering wardrobes and cupboards; Coaching you through the process of letting it go, selling it, recycling it, re-purposing it or giving it away
  • Re-styling your space using your existing furniture/art
  • Sourcing and propagation of easy-to-care-for pot plants to suit your environment
  • Preparing houses for sale/auction


  • Office organisation or redesign
  • Establishment or refinement of systems and procedures
  • Time management analysis and strategies

Whether you’re just in a mess or need to rework an area, I can help you.


‘Thanks Bek for transforming my last home ready for sale and for helping me to declutter and organise my new home. My last home looked so inviting I didn’t want to leave! You have an amazing eye for what should go where, to give a fresh, inviting look creating a positive energy in my home. You are amazing.’

‘Rebekah supported our chosen strategic direction – but was also able to make valuable contributions to these projects based on her own knowledge and experience and opened our minds to new ways of thinking. I have no hesitation in confirming that Rebekah was a key factor in Equinox Partners reaching our potential…’

‘Thanks for your help with the website, your enthusiasm and energy have helped transform a LOT of information into a manageable coherent package of content, it usually becomes a long drawn out process but some how you’ve managed to take the pain out of it.’

‘Thank you so much Bek, for adding that ‘little bit of magic’ to my story. You really captured my essence by weaving my story about the creation of my latest book, Eternity, adding just the right amount of depth – but also remaining playful, and in keeping with who I am. I would really appreciate your help on my next Bio. ’

‘Bek has taken us from being popular and memorable to being the benchmark of professionalism – she made ALL the contacts and knew our ultimate goal immediately – summing up our potential and taking us to a new level. We’re busy people, we’re good at what we do – Bek met us every step of the way and more…’

‘Aniseed is now only ten months old, but with your project management, SEO information and insightful copy we are already so busy – 80% of our bookings are from our website – the other 20% are from the magazine articles you sourced for us. What would we have done without you Bek!’