Why outsource?

Primarily it’s so you can get on with business!

Recruitment can be tough, and the costs of not getting it right the first time can be crippling. To understand your turnover costs, you need to factor in briefing, advertising, screening, interviews, orientation and training. If things don’t go right there could also be legal costs and severance payments, lost productivity, interrupted client relationships, possible negative impact of team morale and disruptions to core activity. All these must be factored in.

Whilst these costs vary between organisations and positions, the figure of three times the annual salary is often used as a rule of thumb and indicates just how seriously incorrect hiring can affect an organisation’s profitability.

Let me manage the entire recruitment process for you, allowing you anonymity in the process.

Free up your time to get on with what YOU do best

I have a demonstrated track record in supporting small business owners to grow their teams smartly, safely and, most importantly, cost effectively.

A ‘business matchmaker’ I find the right people for the right organisations and as a natural recruiter, I have placed hundreds of applicants in many varied roles to the benefit of each business.

Working autonomously and always to agreed deadlines, my processes are both rigorous and thorough. And as my clients will attest I’m a ‘safe pair of hands’…


Rebekah recently helped me recruit a new staff member (the third time she’s helped me do this over many years) and I cannot speak more highly of her professionalism, advice and processes. She worked with me to develop selection criteria and an ad, then dealt with the entire advertising, application and shortlisting process, presenting me with the final applicants for interview. As well as making my life easier interviewees also spoke of their appreciation for her clear communication, professionalism and warmth. I couldn’t imagine going through this process without her.

Rebekah’s contribution has proven invaluable, helping us define what new skill sets we have needed and then conducting the process to get the right people. Her objective, impartial and thorough approach to the growth process and exemplary use of a range of personality assessment tools has enabled us to bring people on board with not only the right practical skills but, very importantly to us, the necessary and entirely compatible cultural skills upon which the business is based.

Thanks again for your work in securing our new General Manager. We are thrilled with your efficiency and competency and of course how incredibly economical your service is. You made the whole process so easy with your steady flow of information about where you were up to and you have delivered an excellent result, again. I would highly recommend your service to all businesses seeking new staff. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I can’t tell you how effortless you made our recent placement process. As well as spending a totally delightful morning together, conducting our final interviews with you, (as our third interviewee and sounding board), your professionalism, high level of communication and positive attitude was invaluable when faced with this daunting task.

Thank you so much for everything you handled on our behalf.

‘Rebekah you made a very improbable job absolutely achievable. With minimal time, limited information extraction and surrounded by frantically preoccupied people (which is why we called for your help in recruitment) – you helped change our service completely.
Not only in recruitment (such WONDERFUL people), but in helping me organise what was deemed unorganisable – my correspondence file!
There is a definite need for someone with your discerning eye and ability to overlook the mess you can come into. The service thanks you, the management thank you, and I thank you.’

‘Bek formalised my recruitment process so it was accountable and productive. Rather than just settling for the next smiling face who walked through the door, Bek helped me clarify my specific needs and we strategically chose the perfect fit for my management style, my business culture and my team’s needs.’