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Resume Writing

Let’s entice potential employers to invite you to interview


Let me find the most suitable applicant for your role in a timely and cost-effective way


Let’s get you organised; personally or professionally – at home or at work

‘I got a job, yay! So I have been in the depths of training the last 3 weeks etc, I got a job with Barwon Health at xxx, I am loving it so much, lots to learn but everyone is so helpful and lovely. I honestly don’t think I would have got an interview if I didn’t have your help so I am so appreciative of you!’

‘Rebekah at B+B Projects was an absolute pleasure to work with. Rebekah is very personable, thorough and delivers. Prior to working with B+B Projects, my resume lacked impact, clarity and personality. Rebekah’s in depth understanding of the job market and recruitment processes helped shape my resume to reflect my employment journey and skillset. Rebekah went above and beyond, I would highly recommend B+B’s services to anyone seeking a personalised and strategic approach. Thanks Rebekah for your support…’

‘Rebekah Bryant is amazing. She helped me write a cv for a post graduate job and made everything I’ve done sound really good, including the things you don’t normally think about including. She’s very easy to talk with and is truly gifted for transferring thoughts and conversations onto paper. Would highly recommend reaching out to her.’

‘I would highly recommend Rebekah Bryant from b+b projects. I contacted Rebekah to help me update my CV. I found Rebekah to be very professional, attentive, passionate and easy to work with. She made me feel at ease from our very first phone conversation. Thanks again Rebekah!!’

‘Rebekah was amazing to work with. She really attentive, in depth and knowledgable. Would highly recommend fro anyone looking to update their CV.’

‘Rebekah is amazing in every facet of what she does, she went above and beyond to help me with my resume and interview prep. She can pull your skills out of the woodwork and showcase strengths you didn’t even know you had! I highly recommend her services to anyone who is even remotely thinking about improving their resume.’

‘Rebekah was my lifesaver! Not having an up-to-date resume and finding it overwhelming to start from the beginning, Rebekah was warm, engaging and positive. By breaking the task down, she efficiently and professionally pieced my knowledge, skills, experiences, professional development and philosophy together. I felt completely at ease and trusted that this could be collated in a short time frame. The result was stunning; beautiful layout and succinct in text. I was extremely happy. Thank you Rebekah for your attentiveness and your dedication to this document.’

‘Rebekah is incredible – she transformed my old resume into one that landed me a job mere weeks later. She enabled me to understand my strengths, talents and skills, coached me in interview processes, and gave my confidence a huge boost. Thank you Rebekah!’

‘I recently contacted Rebekah to help organize and write my CV. Rebekah was helpful, attentive, and prompt. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing assistance with their recruitment and resume writing process. Thanks again Rebekah!’

‘I’d never had a resume before. Bek did a superb job of pulling together my history into an impressive document which got me an interview.’

‘Thank you thank you thank you Bek. All the documents look fantastic and all the work you have done on the key selection criteria to give it depth and clarity. I got the interview!’

‘I am truly grateful to Rebekah for the helping me write and perfect my personal statement for my medicine application. Her friendly and supportive approach was invaluable and the outcome surpassed my expectations by far. Her guidance helped me secure a place at my chosen medical school after two previously failed attempts. I would highly recommend Rebekah, she takes a very personal approach and genuinely cares about the outcome of her clients.’

‘Thank you Rebekah, you were a pleasure to work with and skillfully organised my chaotic life into a great document to impress future employers. I appreciate your help.’

‘Thanks so much for your assistance. Your wonderful CV and my Linkedin creation worked very well and quickly. I’ve had high praise from recruiters that my CV is very impressive. I am now the Marketing Manager for a start-up pharma company (website link hidden). It’s such a wonderful opportunity and I’m excited for the challenges of the role together with working closely with the GM to build a company here in Australia. I am now also a Deakin Student, Master of International and Community Development; thanks for your input.’

‘Rebekah is a professional with a caring and nurturing side that shines through. Her communication was perfect and I was kept in the loop the whole time. The CV Rebekah wrote for me has increased the response rate I get while applying for jobs beyond what I expected. I would recommend Rebekah to anyone who is serious about marketing themselves in a competitive job market. You won’t be disappointed.’

‘Your resume assisted me to get through to three job interviews recently. Two of the interviews I was overqualified for but the most recent has been successful in gaining me the job. I have had a lot of positive feedback from employers as to the excellence of the documents provided in the application. Your services have been instrumental in my success.’

‘Rebekah is very experienced in her field, she knows exactly what employers are looking for and will put you well ahead of the competition. I’m a 100% more confident in applying for jobs now that Bek has helped me. I would recommend her to anyone!!’

‘When it’s time to position yourself to make that next career step, I highly recommend Bek for professional resume overhauls. She has the ability to portray people and skillsets in a way that is attractive to prospective employers and the design, layout and final product is current, concise and relevant.’

‘Thank you very much! It’s looking amazing and I’m so pleased with it.
I love the colour scheme and it reads like a dream!
It was a pleasure working with you and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.’

‘Thank you once again for all your help with my cv. I was/am so happy with how it turned out and am so grateful to you for all the time and hard work you put into it. It feels good to know that I have such a great looking resumé to use if I find myself looking for work again in the near future.’

‘All the people who have read my resume were blown away with the quality and the consensus from all was Wow!!! Thank you for all your hard work on the finished product – it is a credit to your expertise.’


Let me find the most suitable applicant for your role in a timely and cost-effective way

‘Rebekah recently helped me recruit a new staff member (the third time she’s helped me do this over many years) and I cannot speak more highly of her professionalism, advice and processes. She worked with me to develop selection criteria and an ad, then dealt with the entire advertising, application and shortlisting process, presenting me with the final applicants for interview. As well as making my life easier interviewees also spoke of their appreciation for her clear communication, professionalism and warmth. I couldn’t imagine going through this process without her.’

‘Rebekah’s contribution has proven invaluable, helping us define what new skill sets we have needed and then conducting the process to get the right people. Her objective, impartial and thorough approach to the growth process and exemplary use of a range of personality assessment tools has enabled us to bring people on board with not only the right practical skills but, very importantly to us, the necessary and entirely compatible cultural skills upon which the business is based.’

‘Thanks again for your work in securing our new General Manager. We are thrilled with your efficiency and competency and of course how incredibly economical your service is. You made the whole process so easy with your steady flow of information about where you were up to and you have delivered an excellent result, again. I would highly recommend your service to all businesses seeking new staff. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.’

‘Rebekah you made a very improbable job absolutely achievable. With minimal time, limited information extraction and surrounded by frantically preoccupied people (which is why we called for your help in recruitment) – you helped change our service completely.
Not only in recruitment (such WONDERFUL people), but in helping me organise what was deemed unorganisable – my correspondence file!
There is a definite need for someone with your discerning eye and ability to overlook the mess you can come into. The service thanks you, the management thank you, and I thank you.’

‘Bek formalised my recruitment process so it was accountable and productive. Rather than just settling for the next smiling face who walked through the door, Bek helped me clarify my specific needs and we strategically chose the perfect fit for my management style, my business culture and my team’s needs.’

‘We were floundering; we needed a gatekeeper recruited, time management strategies, systems organized & debtors managed. Rebekah sorted all this & more. We needed someone to kick ass in the nicest possible way. She’s worth her weight in gold.’

‘We were looking for easy recruitment. Bek took all the hard work out of it and I got to do the fun bits! She kept me consistently up to date; was extremely thorough, taking all the responsibility and we found the perfect candidate. Exactly what we needed.’

‘Rebekah understood the skills we required for our company to grow. We are very happy with the person we have appointed.’


Let’s get you organised; personally or professionally – at home or at work

‘Over the past 20 years Rebekah has restyled the interior and exterior of the many houses I have owned. She has a marvelously creative eye and manages to look at what she has to work with in the house (some stylish, some sentimental!) and somehow makes the whole room look new with items you had never thought could go together and ‘tell a story’ for that corner of the room. She will put her heart and soul into something you are going to love AND can live with comfortably. Highly recommend!!’

Decluttering & Styling – ‘Thanks Bek for transforming my last home ready for sale and for helping me to declutter and organise my new home. My last home looked so inviting I didn’t want to leave! You have an amazing eye for what should go where, to give a fresh, inviting look creating a positive energy in my home. You are amazing.’

Marketing & Business Development – ‘Rebekah supported our chosen strategic direction – but was also able to make valuable contributions to these projects based on her own knowledge and experience and opened our minds to new ways of thinking. I have no hesitation in confirming that Rebekah was a key factor in Equinox Partners reaching our potential…’

Business Organising – ‘Aniseed is now only ten months old, but with your project management, SEO information and insightful copy we are already so busy – 80% of our bookings are from our website – the other 20% are from the magazine articles you sourced for us. What would we have done without you, Bek!’

Public Relations – ‘Bek has taken us from being popular and memorable to being the benchmark of professionalism – she made ALL the contacts and knew our ultimate goal immediately – summing up our potential and taking us to a new level. We’re busy people, we’re good at what we do – Bek met us every step of the way and more…’

PR & Marketing – ‘Inventive and with the ability to create opportunity are the special qualities that make Rebekah invaluable to promoting business opportunities.’

Copy writing – ‘Thanks for your help with the website, your enthusiasm and energy have helped transform a LOT of information into a manageable coherent package of content, it usually becomes a long drawn out process but some how you’ve managed to take the pain out of it.’

Product Launch – ‘Rebekah’s contribution has been invaluable. It is rare to find someone who is so motivated and enthusiastic about your work!’

Copy writing – ‘Thank you so much Bek, for adding that ‘little bit of magic’ to my story. You really captured my essence by weaving my story about the creation of my latest book, Eternity, adding just the right amount of depth – but also remaining playful, and in keeping with who I am. I would really appreciate your help on my next Bio. ’